• With over 20 years of conflict resolution practice, we have seen how conflict wears down individuals, teams and the organisations in which they work. We have seen situations escalate in relationships, families and communities with debilitating consequences.

    • Differences and debates may be healthy, but not everybody handles them in a constructive way. And not everybody knows where to go to for help or what to do for the best.

      • Contact us to discuss how we can help you analyse and assess conflict in any environment in your life, whether at work, at home or in your community.

        • Mediation itself is a successful process suitable to many situations, but there are many other ways that we can help, based on the same proven principles.

          • Initial consultation is free, and without obligation. Conflict Resolution Team is committed to helping you find the best options to address any difficulties you or others may be experiencing. If specialist help exists elsewhere we will help you make informed decisions that meet your interests.