Conflict is all around us. We are all different people, with different lives, different expectations, different needs and interests.

This means that, wherever we go, we are with people who want different things out of life or see the world differently.

Much of the time, this doesn’t matter. People rub along well enough, accepting or enjoying the difference.

But occasionally the differences make life uncomfortable, difficult or unbearable - for individuals or for whole groups of people. The differences seem to be irreconcilable. Life becomes miserable on a day-to-day level. Individuals and organisations cannot function. If left to fester, these differences can have destructive or tragic consequences.

Unfortunately, trying to avoid these differences, shying away from conflict or trying to “stay positive”, can also have damaging results.

We at Conflict Resolution Team recognise that we need to acknowledge difference and conflict in our lives. We need to appreciate how conflict affects us and how we affect conflict. Then we can think about making things better.