Advantages of Mediation

  • Mediation is successful: our success rates up to 97%

Mediation is efficientexample graphic

Mediation can be arranged within days. Resolution can be reached within hours, where litigation, tribunals and other adversarial methods can take months. This prevents escalation of conflict and keeps costs down.


Mediation is constructiveexample graphic

Mediation offers a fair process and works for all parties to achieve long-lasting outcomes that work for them. It develops communication and co-operation between people who are in conflict. Mediation helps people build for the future, establishing new foundations to support themselves and each other.

Mediation offers choice and controlexample graphic

• Mediation is voluntary and “Without Prejudice”. The discussion that takes place and any documents produced cannot be used or referred to in subsequent proceedings. The parties may wish to share information with others but it is in their control.

• Mediation is legally privileged. The courts recognise that the process is confidential, within the law, and stands alone. However, people who use mediation do not give up their right to other legal options. Mediation does not take away people’s rights in law.

• Mediation outcomes are owned by the parties, they’re easier to accept & respect.

• Mediators do not have authority, they cannot enforce solutions but this is what makes mediation work. The parties resolve the dispute themselves and for themselves. They make the process work and they make the resolution work.

• Mediation is confidential. The dispute and its resolution are conducted in private. This avoids public disclosure of private matters. People involved in mediation know that they can have frank, difficult conversations in a safe environment.

Mediation rebuilds relationshipsexample graphic

In conflict, people begin to see each other as the problem and lose sight of the issues that have come between them. Mediation helps separate the people from the problem and encourages people to work on the problem together.

Mediation is innovativeexample graphic

Although mediation has been part of some cultures for centuries, and growing in Wales and the British Isles for decades, it is often a new idea to those who use it. One of the most common remarks before mediation is “I hadn’t heard of this before.” One of the most common remarks after mediation is “I wish we’d tried this before.”

Mediation is best valueexample graphic

Mediation offers long term solutions to difficult situations at a fraction of the cost of other processes.

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